Contact Your Legislators Urging Support

Help us spread the word on Christopher’s Law!

Passing House Bill 173 (Christopher’s Law) will require strong public support, and for legislators to hear from you. The goal is to get HB 173 assigned to a committee, and given a committee hearing this session.

Passing a law is not easy! Public support and creating awareness are crucial, along with contacting legislators to encourage them to learn more about the proposed bill and its importance.

WE ARE MAKING IT EASY FOR YOU TO SUPPORT HOUSE BILL 173 to require bars throughout the Commonwealth to background check and train their bouncers to protect bar patrons from excessive force.

Click the link here to send a letter to your area legislator(s). It is so easy and takes no more than 30 seconds. All you need to fill in is your name and address and then click “Start Writing.” From there, you can submit an already drafted letter that will be sent directly to your legislator(s).

Session is short this year. Let’s get this law passed to make sure no one else is harmed by unnecessary violence from bouncers. Going to a bar should not warrant a death sentence!!!!

4 thoughts on “Contact Your Legislators Urging Support

  1. This bill will save the lives of bar guest in the future and hopefully not let a family suffer the way Christopher’s family did. Please pass this bill and save a life in the future.


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