Mission and Vision

My name is Nicholas Clark. Husband of Christopher McKinney. My life’s work is to get justice for Christopher’s death and to make sure something like this never happens to another person ever again.

Christopher’s Law aims to protect patrons of Kentucky bars against unnecessary violence by bouncers.

Bouncers who are employed by bars should be properly trained on how to handle difficult situations and deescalate situations amongst patrons. Most are not trained, and are hired by word of mouth – oftentimes being individuals of great size, stature and build that fit the mold of what a bouncer should look like.

Bars should also be required to background check bouncers to uncover any violent or aggressive pasts, criminal convictions, etc. If the prospective bouncer has a violent or criminal background, and is hired by a bar, the bar will be at greater risk for a civil lawsuit against them.

The two requirements above promote the safety of bar patrons who are out to relax, and have fun with friends on any given night or weekend. No one should ever have to worry about a death sentence when they go to a bar. Had these requirements been in place prior to January 5, 2020, Christopher could still be alive today.

These requirements aren’t a lot to ask. This is about safety and making bars accountable for the security they employ and the responsibility for keeping their customers safe.

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