Share your story

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of bouncer/security abuse, assault, or inappropriate physical contact at a bar or nightclub, we want to hear your story. It is imperative to collect others’ stories as they will show that Christopher’s Law is indeed needed. Many have already shared their stories about their experiencesContinue reading “Share your story”

Christopher’s Law is Filed in the Senate

On January 5, 2021, “Christopher’s Law” was filed in the Kentucky House of Representatives as House Bill 173. This week, Senator Jimmy Higdon (R) and Senator Morgan McGarvey (D) filed Christopher’s Law in the Senate as Senate Bill 268. Senator McGarvey, representing District 19, has supported Christopher’s Law since day one – our first conversationsContinue reading “Christopher’s Law is Filed in the Senate”

Legislators Continue Advocating for Christopher’s Law

It is with a grateful heart and appreciation to announce additional legislators who have signed on as co-sponsors to House Bill 173 “Christopher’s Law,” to protect ALL people from unnecessary violence by bouncers. GOING TO A BAR SHOULD NOT WARRANT A DEATH SENTENCE!!!! Below are five more State Representatives who, as of today, signed onContinue reading “Legislators Continue Advocating for Christopher’s Law”

Bipartisan Co-Sponsorship of HB 173

I’ve continued to say that going to a bar with friends to have fun should not warrant a death sentence. “Christopher’s Law” aims to protect ALL people from unnecessary violence by bouncers. I’m pleased to announce both Democrat and Republican support of HB 173 – six Democrats and three Republicans have signed on as co-sponsorsContinue reading “Bipartisan Co-Sponsorship of HB 173”

Contact Your Legislators Urging Support

Help us spread the word on Christopher’s Law! Passing House Bill 173 (Christopher’s Law) will require strong public support, and for legislators to hear from you. The goal is to get HB 173 assigned to a committee, and given a committee hearing this session. Passing a law is not easy! Public support and creating awarenessContinue reading “Contact Your Legislators Urging Support”

Christopher’s Story

Christopher McKinney was killed on January 5, 2020 in Louisville, KY at Nowhere Bar. One year has passed since his untimely death. As you may know, the bouncer who killed Christopher was not charged criminally by the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office. Louisville Metro Police Department did not properly investigate this case – they did not testContinue reading “Christopher’s Story”

Help Promote on your Social Media

Thank you for your interest in supporting Christopher’s Law – to promote proper and responsible safety measures of all bars in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We visit bars to have a good time with friends. We do not expect a death sentence. Christopher’s Law is simple: 1.) Will require bars to background check their bouncers/securityContinue reading “Help Promote on your Social Media”

In The News…

WLKY-TV (CBS): WHAS-11 (ABC): WHAS-TV Focus Team Investigation Part 1: Just how deadly can one punch be? Family fights for legislation: WHAS-TV Focus Team Investigation Part 2: Family of Man killed at Nowhere Bar fights for law requiring training for bouncers: Renewed push aimed at getting Christopher’s Law on the books: Christopher’sContinue reading “In The News…”