Additional legislators sign on to sponsor HB 207

Three more legislators have signed on as sponsors for Christopher’s Law, bringing the total number of sponsors to 15. The bill currently has bipartisan support.

The latest to support Christopher’s Law is Buddy Wheatley (D), Susan Westrom (D) and Joni Jenkins (D).

Getting additional sponsors to support Christopher’s Law is important, however there’s so much more that goes into passing a bill, and that includes getting endorsements from organizations that might have concerns over specific parts of the bill, and how it affects Kentuckians.

This week, we have meetings with the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), Kentucky Sheriff’s Association, the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police, the Kentucky Restaurant Association and the Kentucky Retail Federation.

Also this week, we have meetings with Rep. Jerry Miller (R) of Jefferson and Oldham, and Rep. Mark Hart (R) of Harrison, Pendleton and Scott counties.

If you are a constituent of Reps. Miller or Hart, you can email them directly asking them for their support of Christopher’s Law. Rep. Miller can be contacted at and to reach Rep. Hart, email

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