HB 207 receives bipartisan support of a dozen state legislators, and more

It’s Week 3 of the Kentucky General Assembly session in Frankfort. We have been meeting with many legislators in the House and the Senate and have gained some momentum with Christopher’s Law. The bill, again, has bipartisan support.

We would like to thank the following legislators who have signed on to sponsor Christopher’s Law.

Additionally, we’ve been in discussions with Rep. Jim Duplessis (R), Rep. Jason Nemes (R), Rep. Killian Timoney (R), Sen. Morgan McGarvey (D), Sen. David Yates (D), Sen. Wil Shroder (R), Sen. Whitney Westerfield (R), Sen. Dennis Parrett (D), Sen. Brandon Storm (R), Sen. Jimmy Higdon (R), Sen. Michael Nemes (R), and others, to tell Christopher’s story and to advocate for this much needed legislation.

The concept of having trained and qualified security in our bars and nightclubs is imperative. You may not think deaths or violence happen as a result of bouncer abuse very often at these establishments, but they do. Christopher’s case is not an isolated incident.

Most recently, deaths by bouncers have occurred in San Marcos, TX and Palo Alto, CA. It’s a common occurrence, and you can Google ‘bar deaths by bouncers’ to see just how prevalent these incidents are.

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