Bouncers regularly hired via text and through social media with no training

The need for Christopher’s Law has revealed so many gaps in the hiring and training process for bouncers and security personnel at bars and nightclubs.

“It is absolutely disturbing to think that your safety when going to a bar, nightclub or popular event is dependent on people who have no training,” said Nicholas Clark, husband of Christopher McKinney, murdered on January 5, 2020 by a bouncer at Nowhere Bar who had no training and was under the influence. “Through the research done leading up to the drafting and filing of Christopher’s Law, it is evident there are major gaps in the bar industry when it comes to safely hiring security.”

Bar owners should be held accountable for negligent hiring, specifically when a serious physical incident or death occurs at the hands of an untrained and unqualified bouncer.

“Owning a business is a responsibility. And hiring qualified workers should be a part of that responsibility,” said Clark. “Just like you and I are required to have schooling and training to build a successful career, so should those who are hired to keep us safe from harm – like our police force, firefighters and the military. Bouncers should not get a pass and hiring through text or social media should be illegal.”

Below are several examples of negligent hiring through text and social media, both locally here in Louisville, and also nationally.

Footage of a security guard from the AstroWorld music festival in which 10 people died and hundreds injured. This man was hired via text message with no qualifications or training.

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