Christopher’s Law is Filed in the Senate

On January 5, 2021, “Christopher’s Law” was filed in the Kentucky House of Representatives as House Bill 173.

This week, Senator Jimmy Higdon (R) and Senator Morgan McGarvey (D) filed Christopher’s Law in the Senate as Senate Bill 268.

Senator McGarvey, representing District 19, has supported Christopher’s Law since day one – our first conversations with him began in April 2020, along with Rep. Lisa Willner (D). We sincerely appreciate his support, and also the added support from the bill’s primary sponsor, Senator Higdon of District 14.

Christopher’s Law is very simple. It is about holding bars in the Commonwealth accountable for the security they hire to keep patrons safe. Bars should not be able to hire by word of mouth or because someone has a great physical and/or intimidating stature. Bars should be required to conduct background checks on bouncers they hire to keep us safe. Bars should require their bouncers complete training developed by the Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and require their bouncers to uphold that training every three years.

We do not believe this is too much to ask of bar establishments in the Commonwealth. They should welcome these regulations. It will only keep their business, and the patrons that frequent their bar, safe. Additionally, the financial burden on bar establishments to conduct background checks is very little. On average, a criminal background check in Kentucky costs $20 to $25. There should be very little debate on discussion of implementing these regulations.

We remain hopeful for Christopher’s Law to be assigned to a committee for discussion of the bill, and also a hearing to allow us to pitch the importance of these regulations.


2 thoughts on “Christopher’s Law is Filed in the Senate

  1. Every job you apply for requires a criminal background check. Why not especially a bouncer or security guard at a bar where they need special training and judgement calls and do not have a previous past in violent history. Sound like common sense!


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