Legislators Continue Advocating for Christopher’s Law

It is with a grateful heart and appreciation to announce additional legislators who have signed on as co-sponsors to House Bill 173 “Christopher’s Law,” to protect ALL people from unnecessary violence by bouncers. GOING TO A BAR SHOULD NOT WARRANT A DEATH SENTENCE!!!!

Below are five more State Representatives who, as of today, signed on to co-sponsor “Christopher’s Law.” The bill continues to drive bipartisan support, and we are hopeful this extremely important piece of legislation – which similarly exists in many other states around the country – is given a committee hearing so we can specify the need for this piece of legislation and encourage the passing of the bill.

Pictured in order of slideshow: Rep. Chad McCoy (R), Rep. Buddy Wheatley (D), Rep. Samara Heavrin (R), Rep. Kelly Flood (D), and Rep. Nima Kulkarni (D).

Those previously announced as sponsors include Rep. Lisa Willner (D), Rep. Jim Duplessis (R), Rep. Attica Scott (D), Rep. Killian Timoney (R), Rep. Susan Westrom (D), Rep. Kim Banta (R), Rep. Tina Bojanowski (D), Rep. Joni Jenkins (D), Rep. Mary Lou Marzian (D), and Rep. Cherlynn Stevenson (D).

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